OTTO M is the manager of your autonomous fleet. It’s the brain behind the material handling brawn that intelligently manages your workflow.


OTTO M drives efficiency and productivity in material handling.

OTTO does not drive alone. OTTO M is the software that connects your facility to your OTTO fleet and orchestrates flexible, adaptable, and lean material pickup and delivery.

Map your facility.

The first OTTO at your facility needs to be trained. OTTO M helps you take OTTO for a quick walk to automatically build your floor plan. Changes to your floor plan can be automatically mapped and updated while OTTO is on the job.

Create delivery routes

Now you can put OTTO to work. OTTO M helps you set pick-up and drop-off points throughout your facility, plus add speed limits, exclusion zones, and more. As new process efficiencies are found, routes can be edited in just a few clicks.

Monitor performance

Manage your OTTO fleet's productivity. OTTO M reports key information about vehicles and your fleet using map-based visualizations, such as context to why a vehicle might be stopped or if a vehicle is briefly visiting a Supercharger.

Connect and benchmark all of your facilities.

Connect OTTO M across all your facilities to benchmark and streamline your operating performance globally. Access real-time information, improve reliability, and start taking advantage of industry 4.0.