Matt Rendall


Fueled by a potent combination of ambition and determination Matt can typically be found trying to take over the world one robot at a time. No obstacle is too large, no detail too small. Give the man a green tea and watch him go!

Developing the vision and strategic direction of this high-growth robotics company, Matt believes that robots will change the way the world works and is passionate about helping companies find rapid-ROI through the adoption of service robots.  In pursuit of this objective, he is leading a transformation at Clearpath with aspirations to become the world’s first $1B service robotics company. Matt has been named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young  in 2013 and Profit Magazine in 2011.

Bryan Webb


Guarding the Clearpath wallet with quiet ferocity, Bryan can crunch numbers and whip up complicated contracts full of impressive legal jargon – all while growing a shockingly lustrous mustache.

As CFO/COO and Co-Founder of Clearpath, Bryan is responsible for Finance, Manufacturing, IT and HR. Through his ability to implement lean operational policies and initiate a market-led business model, Clearpath achieved break-even within 18 months of its inception – Bryan was able to stretch the company’s initial $360,000 equity financing over four years while the team grew from 4 to 34. Bryan has raised millions of dollars in equity, managed debt and grants, relocated the business to a 30,000 sq ft facility and navigated a doubling of the team. He now focuses on strengthening the company’s business model with long-term contracts.

Ryan Gariepy


Cat meme connoisseur and autonomous systems guru, Ryan fulfills his duties as Chief Technology Officer while resisting the urge to express all of his thoughts solely via block diagrams.

As CTO, Ryan drives the development of Clearpath’s autonomous control software while providing technical strategy for the company’s product lines and managing external research partnerships. An avid speaker in the robotics community, Ryan has been invited to speak at over a dozen international robotics events. He has also presented on behalf of the Canadian High Commission in London, England, and on behalf of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots at the United Nations. Co-founder of the Robot Operating System developers’ conference and a Director of the Board for the Open Source Robotics Foundation, it is no wonder why Ryan was recognized on Business Insider’s Top 40 Under 40 List alongside his business partners.


Matt Rendall


Bryan Webb


Ryan Gariepy


Murray Gamble

C3 Group

Murray Gamble is President of The C3 Group of Companies, a multi-discipline engineering, contracting and applied technology organization. Murray is one of Clearpath’s original angel investors.

Mike Stork

Stork Holdings, Inc.

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Mike has invested in over 20 companies and served as President and Board Chairman for Unitron Industries. Mike has provided mentorship to the Clearpath team since the company’s inception in 2009; he was one of Clearpath’s original angel investors.

Stuart Ellman

RRE Ventures

Stuart is co-founder and managing partner of RRE Ventures. Leading RRE’s participation in Clearpath’s Series A investment, Stuart joined the board in 2015.



Marc Tarpenning

Tarpenning founded Tesla in Palo Alto to build electrical cars, and in 2006 they introduced the Tesla Roadster, the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells. Tarpenning was in charge of the electrical engineering group and was CFO for several years. Tarpenning left the company in 2008.