OTTO M is the manager of your autonomous fleet. It’s the brain behind the material handling brawn that intelligently manages your workflow.

OTTO M fleet management

OTTO M lays the foundation for Industry 4.0 in your facility.

OTTO M connects your material flow with your production line and collects data to drive efficiency and productivity. Large or small operation, simple or complex process, OTTO M orchestrates flexible, adaptable, and lean material pickup and delivery in one of three configurations:

OTTO Onboard

OTTO M is used to create a map of your facility's floor plan, make live updates, and initiate pick-up and delivery moves - all from a tablet.

OTTO Fleet

OTTO M intelligently manages a fleet of vehicles for optimized and consistent material flow. Insightful fleet management and monitoring tools put you in control of your process.

OTTO Enterprise

OTTO M uses APIs to connect more complex organizations so that material flow and enterprise systems work together across shifts, geographies, and employment cultures.

Connect and unlock the potential of your whole organization.

When OTTO is in each of your facilities, OTTO M can aggregate data across all your facilities to monitor, measure, and improve operating performance globally. Access real-time information, improve reliability, and start taking advantage of industry 4.0.