Say Hello to Industry 4.0

Meet OTTO, a self-driving vehicle designed exclusively for material transport.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare's Millwaukee repair facility has significantly expanded their possibilities for automation by choosing OTTO.

Why OTTO works

Increase Flow

Your OTTO fleet is coordinated by a sophisticated fleet management application to ensure maximum throughput for your vehicle deliveries.

Reduce Costs

OTTO reduces costs by automating the delivery of materials in your facility. Ensure on-time delivery every time with self-driving vehicles.

Stay Flexible

OTTO requires no beacons or magnetic tape to navigate your facility. So when your facility needs a change, OTTO can be redeployed with just a few clicks.

Where Otto Works

OTTO has been designed to work across multiple environments. Whether you’re running a distribution center, a warehouse, or a manufacturing facility, OTTO can help you increase the efficiency of your material flow.

Receiving Unloading Inventory
Raw, WIP, FG
Process A
Process B
Shipping Loading Fulfill