OTTO™ is a small, powerful self-driving vehicle designed to move boxes, carts, bins, and other human-scale payloads through dynamic environments.

OTTO 100 small material handling
OTTO 100 small material handling

Key Specifications

OTTO navigates spaces just like a person does. It maintains a map of the environment in its memory and uses visual reference points to always know its position. No guides, infrastructure, or predefined paths required.

Size 750 x 550 x 304 mm
Speed 2 m/s
Connectivity 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi
Navigation Full Autonomy
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Charger & Attachments

    1. OTTO Charger
    2. OTTO Cart Dolly
    3. OTTO Shelf

Main Components


Integrated Lift

Interacts and engages with various carts and accessories using the 62mm lift.


Safety Rated Lidar

Gracefully drives around obstacles and people without getting stuck.


360º Indicator Lighting

Displays familiar turn signals, brake lights, vehicle status lighting, and audible tones so you know where OTTO is going.


Rugged All-Metal Chassis

Guarantees reliability in all environments with strong and durable construction.

How do I move my inventory with OTTO?

OTTO can be loaded and unloaded manually, or can use a standard attachment to automate the pick-up and delivery process. If one of our standard attachments won’t do, OTTO has an open interface to accept custom designed attachments.

otto 100 moving boxes
otto 100 moving carts
otto 100 transporting shelves


Boxes can be directly loaded on top of OTTO.


Carts can be engaged with the integrated lift to load and unload automatically.


Shelves can be used to transport smaller bins and boxes.

otto 100 moving boxes


otto 100 moving carts


otto 100 transporting shelves


Getting started is easier than you think.

The secret to OTTO's ease-of-use lies within M, OTTO's autonomous fleet manager. OTTO M has been designed using modern technologies, so if you know how to use a tablet, you likely already know how to use OTTO M.

OTTO M fleet management